Amelia Moss: What We Stand For

Our Philosophy

Amelia Moss is a business founded on three unchanging principles. We work ethically, we deliver products of the highest quality and we use only 100% natural ingredients.

It's a simple philosophy but it's important to us and we believe it's what sets us apart.

In many ways, these three qualities - ethics, quality and the avoidance of all things artificial - are inseparable. Experience shows that when it comes to skincare and everyday wellbeing, all-natural ingredients deliver unbeatable results. Likewise, by embracing a policy of fair trade and social responsibility, we build trust and lasting relationships with those who make and grow our products. We help farmers to improve their quality of life and they, in turn, provide us with products of an unsurpassable purity.

Our Aims

Our fundamental aim is to give customers an exceptional choice of organic, sustainably-sourced products that enhance natural beauty and personal wellbeing. We offer pure moisturising oils, natural skin cleansers and clay-based facial masks that preserve healthy skin, improve the appearance and resist the effects of ageing.

We're aware we could cut costs by using processed chemicals, fillers and other cheap ingredients but this would contradict our other key objective - to offer products of unbeatable quality. Only by using 100% natural, organic ingredients can we deliver the results our customers want.

As a small business, we have a natural wish to grow. We aim to do this by building a reputation for being helpful, socially responsible and committed to sustainability. That means not only delivering the right products and excellent customer service, but also developing our community of suppliers. By proving that we're committed to fair trade, equal opportunities and the promotion of better living conditions, we want to make our partners proud to work with us.

Using trusted, long term partners in developing countries also means we can continue to offer you the very best in natural cosmetics and skincare.

How We Work

When we select our products, we return to our founding principles. We look for suppliers who can deliver outstanding quality using ethical, natural and sustainable working practices. Our careful vetting process helps to ensure product quality, but we also consider how the resulting work will affect the producers.

Organic farming and the production of natural clays can sustain valuable jobs and, by paying a fair price, we ensure the benefits percolate through to ordinary workers and their families.

During the production process, our producers apply traditional skills and proven practices and then, mindful of the care and effort that has gone into every product, we apply the same diligence to packaging and delivery. Using high quality, recyclable materials, we seek to ensure that every product reaches the consumer in premium condition and with the least possible environmental impact.